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Hello! I’m Leandra Vane. I’m a romance writer and librarian. The Unlaced Librarian is my postage stamp of the internet where I can share my reviews of sexuality books.

I believe sexuality is an important aspect of our lives. Exploring ideas and information regarding sex helps us all make better decisions for our unique relationships, desires, and needs.

Growing up, I was offered no sex education. As a young adult, I became tired of constantly struggling with shame and fear regarding my sexuality and relationships that had resulted from this lack of education. I started reading sexuality books and grew to better understand myself, others, and the world around me. I’m a happier, healthier person because of these books.

As your friendly Unlaced Librarian, my mission is to hold up resources that help us all sew together our fantasies with our realities, and to do so in ways that are healthy and authentic.

Together, I hope we can all discover the ways our erotic imaginations and sexual expressions can make our lives and relationships more fulfilling.


I don’t make money from this blog. There are no ads, paid posts, or affiliate links. This site is meant to be resource to share information, perspective, and philosophy.

Unless specifically noted in a review, I buy all the books I review myself. I share sexuality book reviews so that people like me, who are untangling aspects of their sexualities or relationships, can find resources and answers. I also hope to help libraries develop their collections in the neighborhood of 306.7 😉

If you want to support my work, please visit my author website Needle & Bow: www.needleandbow.com There you can scroll to the very bottom of any page and find a PayPal donate button. Thank you!


You may email me at theunlacedlibrarian@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a real librarian?

A: I am! I do not have a MLS degree but I am a certified public librarian in my state and have 5 years experience working in a library so far. Of course, this is a personal blog and none of the views in my writing are intended to reflect any library I have or am working at. The Unlaced Librarian is what I always imagined my book review site would be called and now it’s a reality!

Q: Do you have a disability?

A: I do. I was born with Lipomyelomeningocele. I live with nerve damage, have a bladder ileostomy, and walk with leg braces. I explore perspectives of disability often in both my fiction and non-fiction writing.

Q: What kind of a writer are you?

A: In my career I have self published romance novels, and my writing has been traditionally published in numerous erotic romance anthologies. I have also written personal essay style non-fiction on various topics of sexuality, sociology, and relationships for online publications and in self-published work. My writing has been mentioned by name in starred reviews at Library Journal and the online edition of Oprah Magazine.

Q: Do you take proposals for book reviews?

A: If you have written a non-fiction sexuality book and would be kind enough to provide a review copy, please email me at theunlacedlibrarian@gmail.com

I am currently not looking to review fiction, but I am open to reviewing erotic/romance short story collections, any pairings.

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