The following are articles or guest posts I have had published in various online outlets. In sharing my personal story, I strive to make connections, provide a resource, and help others untangle shame in their own sexualities. Of course, my writing isn’t for everyone. Please explore within your comfort zone! <3


December 29th 2019 – Hot Octopuss Blog / The Edge – Sexual Shame: How to Healexploring how sexual shame makes you feel and the mindfulness to overcome it.

December 5th 2018 – Hot Octopuss Blog / The Edge – Be Proud of Your Phone PornDiscussing the blurred line between mainstream and erotic media and a call to be more mindful and grateful for the role media plays in our desires.

October 31st 2018 – Hot Octopuss Blog / The Edge – Orgasm Hunting with Nerve DamageNerve damage impacts sensation and the sexual response cycle, but orgasm is still possible!

April 1st 2016 – Hot Octopuss Blog / The Edge – Disability and Sex StigmaExploring and overcoming the stigma society places on sex and disability.

September 22nd, 2014 – Interview with Heather Brewer, Marriage Family Therapistsharing my story of coming to terms with my disability and sexuality.

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