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Author’s note: As of August 2019 I have unpublished “Trophy Wife” and “Booked” as I update them for re-release. “Thinking Myself Off” is permanently out of print.

I write stories about life, death, and romance that untangle shame and empower readers. Characters with disabilities and fluid sexualities. History and fantasy and star dust.

Not for everyone, maybe for you 😉

Current Available Titles


Image description: Cover features gold and tan hues with a sculpture of a male torso in the foreground and a nude feminine figure on canvas blurred in the background.

Fantasy, sensuality, and kink collide beneath the gallery lights in this collection of seven museum-themed erotic and romantic short stories. With the lightest brushstrokes that send tingles over your skin and the deepest matters of death that reach into your soul, this collection explores the erotic imagination and breaks free from glass displays. From historical textiles to oils on canvas, from a psychiatric museum to a graveyard, this collection features a wide range of settings and of pairings. Take a look inside and let these characters show you new ways for art and history to light up your body.Erotica and erotic romance short stories. Pairings include M/F, F/F, as well as M/M/F, and F/F/M.

Available in print and Kindle ebook. Available in KU.

Image description: the cover features a sandy colored stone statue hand and a smattering of blood with half the title in cursive and the rest of the title in a wider print font.

An epidemic that turns men into monsters has seized the nation. At first the disease only spreads in cities but soon cannibals are roaming the prairie, threatening the quiet little towns of the late 19th Century heartland.

At an isolated poor farm in rural America, Sara Warren has survived a tumultuous life of loss and an accident that leaves her with one leg – but she is hopeless of any other future until a woman named Cordelia arrives at the farm and changes Sara’s life forever. Along with Dan, a man who can’t hear and Grace, a young woman who is more concerned with her sewing needles than people, they face the oncoming apocalypse with their wits and their bare hands. When it seems like all is lost, a man from Sara’s past named Jack returns to her life and they all realize the only way to survive is together.

A story of romance, violence, sex, and the wild prairie that proves broken bodies still feel pleasure and broken souls can find love – even at the end of the world.

HEA. Standalone. Polyamorous– F/F and M/M/F pairings.

Available in print and kindle ebook. Available in Kindle Unlimited.

Image description: the cover features a red headed woman smiling, mid spin with her hair in motion. She wears a blouse with an old fashioned floral print. Bright yellow and orange flowers bloom around her with a dark green background. The title is yellow with a cursive font.

Eight stories of erotic romance, A Bloom in Cursive brings together unique characters in unlikely places. Anne has never been in an adult book store. Victoria takes a chance to spice up history. Ella wants to be seen for who she is on the inside. Liesl needs to make some new memories. From a rundown Chinese joint to a funeral, a nature museum to a rock star tour bus, and a Civil War reenactment to a ’70’s kitchen, the scenarios in this collection are what happens when the stories you long for blossom to life. M/F pairings, HEA and HFN.

Available in print and kindle ebook. Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Image description: the cover features a woman with dark red lips and round sunglasses looking up into decorative lights, the lights reflecting in her sunglasses. The cover is dark with deep red and purple tones.

A poetry collection that explores the ways fantasy helps us survive in an intimate waltz with our imaginary friends. Come in from the storm of reality and find your sanctuary in stories, art, and books. With a touch of history and a dash of magic, our daydreams are not fleeting–they are always a part of who we are.

Available in print and kindle ebook. Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Only One Bed Volume 2:

Image description: Cover features a smiling woman and man with blue/white blurred background.

Only One Bed Romance Anthology:

Only One Bed Volume 2 Anthology is available now. Also in Kindle Unlimited!

My story in the anthology:

Where I Dream of You- Leandra Vane

Lucy lives in a 1880s home in the woods as part of her job with a museum association. Everything is upended when Carmen, the museum archivist shows up to do an overnight inventory on the property. Lucy’s crush on Carmen grows the more they work together, especially as evening looms in the big historical house with only one living quarters. Lucy soon learns that sometimes our wildest dreams are closer than we imagine.

Best Bondage Erotica of the Year Vol. 1:

Image description: The book cover features a red tinted photo of a female figure wearing a bdsm chest harness and the title bold in white lettering in the foreground.

My story “Delicate Matters” is included in Best Bondage Erotica of the Year Volume 1 and features a M/M/F pairing with a kink for historical textiles: the bodage implement used in the story is a piece of 200-year-old lace!

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Vol. 3:

Image description: The cover features a woman laying on a bed gazing into the audience. The title text is thin and all capital letters.

My piece “A Stolen Story” is included in this anthology. The story is a F/F/M scene with themes of history and sexual fantasy.’

Erotic Teasers:

Image description:The book cover features an image of a half open door peeking in on two figures with disheveled black clothing embracing on the edge of a bed. Text reads Erotic Teasers edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

My story “A Real One” is included in this anthology. The story is a F/F/M kinky scene.

The Big Book of Submission Vol 2:

The Big Book of Submission Volume 2 cover features a blindfolded femme face wearing dark plum lipstick

My story “Switching Struggles” is included in this anthology. The story is a F/M/M/M struggle scene with consent and exploration of power dynamics in a kink context.

This anthology also received a starred review in Library Journal!

Silence is Golden:

Image description: The cover features a dark filtered image of male figure with a wide collar holding his index finger to his lips. The title is bold yellow, the subtitle is yellow tinted with orange.

My story “Pushing Buttons is included in this anthology. F/F pairing, disabled MC.

Dancing With Myself:

Image description: the title features a white an ice blue filtered image of a femme figure biting her pinky.

My piece “Half the Story is included in this anthology. M/F pairing, disabled MC.

Goodbye Moderation:

Image description: the cover features a dominant looking femme figure in a white top and black bow tie biting the end of a black whip She has red lips and red painted fingernails. The text is a light blue.

My story “Wildest Dreams” is included in this collection and explores a darker edge of lusting after “the one that got away.” The story has a M/F pairing, polyamorous dynamics, disabled MC.

From Top to Bottom:

Image description: The cover features a femme figure with dark black hair, the bangs covering her eyes. She holds the chain attached to her own collar. She has red lips and red painted fingernails. The text is bold red and white.

My story “Inside” is included in this anthology. The story is a F/F pairing with a disabled Dominant character.

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