Erotic Teasers

Image description: The book cover features an image of a half open door peeking in on two figures with disheveled black clothing embracing on the edge of a bed. Text reads Erotic Teasers edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Do you like some anticipation in your smut? Aching buildup before the climax? A calm before the storm? “In Erotic Teasers, award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has collected sexy short stories that will keep you on edge. From orgasm denial to remote control panties, these characters are made to wait–and they love every minute.”

Erotic Teasers is an erotica anthology featuring 18 short stories that take a shot at what it means to tease the erotic senses. Stories range from kinky to sex driven to fantastic to sweet.

I’m very proud to say my story “A Real One” is included in this anthology. My piece takes place at a BDSM play party and features a kink scene that includes bondage and impact play between two submissive women, Joanne and Beth, who share Zach, a Dominant. I really enjoyed exploring the special relationship the two heroines have with each other, as Joanne has to keep her sizzling desires in check to be there for Beth in a vulnerable moment. I hope readers will find my story playful and fun, but also tender and, well, hot!

I really enjoyed reading this collection for the tension and the pacing of the stories. Two stories stuck out for me, personally.

The first was “Ava Receives A Text” by Ella Dawson. This story explores power exchange via sexting and I thought this piece really hit the bullseye for the theme of erotic teasing.

The second story I really enjoyed was “Aphrodite’s Garden” by Rebecca Chase. Though this story is set in the real world, the Goddess and Godly personas of the characters brings out a much more fantastic vibe. The characters and narration of this story were particularly vivid in my mind.

If you’re looking for a variety of teasing scenarios that hits on the erotic side of romantic erotica, I hope you’ll give this collection a read. The book is available in print and ebook!

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