Book Review: Fauns and Fairies, the adult fantasy coloring book

Image description: the book rests on a tree stump with lush green and brown tones. The cover features a crescent moon and a masculine drawn figure in witches hat with two smaller winged faerie creatures.

It’s spooky season and Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I’d pull something creative from my shelves so we can take a break to relax a bit and bask in the whimsical–the super hot and sexy whimsical, of course.

Last year I was browsing in the art section of a used book store and tipped this book out not thinking much of it other than it might be cute.

Honestly, when I saw “adult fantasy coloring book” I thought it would be one thing: feminine witchy-faeries offering their abundant harvest of breasts. Not that there’s anything wrong with feminine witchy-faeries offering an abundant harvest of breasts. They are one wonderful type of adult fantasy, but there are many more to be had.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find them in this book!

The art in this book features a variety of body types, races, and genders. Feminine, masculine, trans, androgynous, and non-binary.

It’s labelled adult for a reason. Though some of the figures are clothed or posed in a way that conceal the important bits, many figures also feature the important bits on display. Though none of the bits are exaggerated beyond what would be anatomically correct for the figure.

There is one picture with a couple met in a gentle sexual embrace but all the other figures are solitary. Many are quite fun and and have humorous quirking of eyebrows or smirks as well as those with solemn facial expressions and poses. There are faeries, fauns, merpeople, and a few warriors of various ilk are thrown in the mix.

The art style is fluid and whimsical with the perfect amount of detail for a coloring book, in my opinion. They are printed on one side, so the back of each page is blank. The pages are not perforated and the book is bound like any other soft cover book which I like so I can keep this on my bookshelf and color the pictures in as time goes by.

I don’t color a lot so this book has lasted me a while. When I do make time to color, I find it really relaxing and I’m glad I found this book to serve this purpose. It is a fun, fantastic, sexy escape.

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