Book Review: Write Naked: A Bestseller’s Secrets to Writing Romance & Navigating the Path to Success

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Write Naked by Jennifer Probst is an excellent writing book but, there’s more! This is an excellent writing book focused on writing romance… which had my heart eyes all over each page.

I was interested in reading this book, of course, because I write romance. I write weirdo romance with ghosts and the occasional zombie… Still I can say this book delivered in so many ways that were very helpful for me as a romance writer and as a creator in general.

This book has a wonderful layout paced with informative chapters that include section breaks, bullet lists, exercises, and quotes.

The author takes a very holistic approach at the writing lifestyle and I would say that this book definitely explores a lot of the psychology and ego issues that writers will come up against living said writerly lifestyle. (Spoiler alert, you can also have a Day Job and live the writerly lifestyle.) In addition there is also a special eye toward the stigmas and misunderstandings that abound regarding the romance genre and being a romance writer. The author acknowledges these stigmas and misunderstandings but at no point do I feel like she became bogged down by them. Really, this book is about getting the work done and I really appreciate that aspect.

I’m a self-published writer and there is a whole chapter in the book where the author discusses self-publishing. I thought this discussion was handled very well and at no time did I feel left out or misrepresented for being a self-published writer.

I think that if you’re self-published author, a traditional author, or a hybrid author you will get a lot of great information and insight from this book.

I also really liked the chapter about social media. The author points out a lot of things that are really important when dealing with social media that mainly has to do with our own egos. The points explored are really good reminders for us as we venture into the social media world. Just as a comment, this book was published in 2017 and I think that there has been a lot of change on social media and the way we approach it. So a few points might seem a little out of place considering the current climate in social media, but this is not a fault of the book. I’m just pointing out that a lot has changed just in a very few years regarding writers on social media.

Chapter 8 is entitled “Trademarks of Best-selling Authors” and in this the author dissects a ton of different aspects of writing including publicity and marketing, writing advice, approaches to business, positivity, calculated risk, and aspects in the writing process. For this the author pulled from a writer’s survey she produced that included a lot of well-known names and a variety of romance authors who gave their insight and I thought this was a really great addition to the book.

Near the end the author uses excerpts from her own writing to go over things like pacing, character development, dialogue, and other aspects of storytelling, which is also helpful advice.
Throughout the book the author also discusses things like getting stuck, staying inspired, growing as a writer, exercising your writing muscles, and expectations about getting paid.

Overall this book just has pretty darn much everything and it is written by a romance author who embraces romance and romance writers and I just love that.

If you want to write kissing books you should read this book. The Unlaced Librarian said so. How’s that for a HEA?

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